Art Lessons

Available skill levels: Beginner - Advanced.

Age range: Over 3 years.
(Anyone wishing to enroll a 3 year old child will be permitted, but should understand that few children under age 4 will have a sufficient attention span to accomodate available classes.)
I am fully mobile and can come to you!
(All travel costs, within 70 miles, are included in the listed prices. Each mile beyond 70 is $0.50 -you only pay one way-)

Private lessons, Parties, Social events, Team building exercises:

1-10 participants: $80 per event/lesson
10-15 participants: $8/participant per event/lesson
Current available art classes include the following:

  • Beginner Drawing
  • Drawing by Theme
  • Draw Anything
  • Beginner Painting
  • Painting by Theme
  • Paint Anything
  • Crafting with Wax
  • Decorating Eggs with Wax
  • Beginner Crafting with Wire
  • Intermediate Crafting with Wire
  • Advanced Crafting with Wire
  • Modeling with Hot Glue
  • Crafting a Sand Jar Charm
  • Crafting a Beeswax Kitchen Wrap

  • May require additional costs.
    Advanced level crafting.
    Requires access to heating element. (candle, iron, oven, etc..)
    Some supplies may not be included
    Other Available Classes

    Computer Classes (Computer/Laptop required.):
  • Photo Editing Basics
  • Computer Basics (Windows)
    • Word
      Power Point
      Any Windows Program

    To schedule lessons, or for more information, please dial
    (402) 601-5157
    -this is a personal line, no solicitation, please-

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