Crafty Coupons
Reusable! Regiftable!
Spread the love! Love Out Loud!
Click on a picture to see the Crafty Coupon it represents.

Mother's Day Special Begins Now!
$5.00 off any Crafty Coupons order of $10 or more!
Give your mom a gift of your time, show her you care, choose Crafty Coupons!
If you can imagine it, I can make it!
All coupons are about the size of a business card, and printed on quality card stock.

Every order of Crafty Coupons is hand packaged in a hand-made, designer box.
Choose the coupons you want, and however many you want of each. I will print them, package them, and get them to their destination

(shipping charge may apply for orders under $10).
The prices are as follows:

$0.75 each
$10 for 15
$15 for 25
$30 for 50
$45 for 80

Delivery requires minimum purchase of 10.
Payments may be made via PayPal (or cash in person if you are local).
Orders must be placed via Facebook or by phone (or in person, if you are local).
----(Order form coming soon!)----
Each picture above shows a Crafty Coupon which I currently have available.
I am coming up with new Crafty Coupons every day.
Feel free to make a request for something specific even if you don't see it listed!
(18+ coupons will not be shown, but can be made) (Spoof coupons and corresponding box can also be made on request)
Please note: Crafty Coupons are coupons designed to be fulfilled by the giver of the coupon, and/or other friends/family.
They are not valid at any store.

To place an order, please dial (402) 601-5157 -this is a personal line, no solicitation, please-

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